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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

options and International Sales section for additional details.

Payment Terms for Domestic Orders


We accept a wide variety of payment options including:

    • Credit / Debit Cards

We accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

All credit and debit cards should be issued by a U.S. or Canadian bank or financial institution, and must have a billing address within USA or Canada. For your security, your billing name, address and phone number must match the information that appears on your credit card monthly billing statement.

Credit cards will be charged at time of purchase*. Some debit cards may reflect the deduction of funds immediately upon the order. This is a temporary authorization that will temporarily reduce your available balance by the anticipated amount.

*In the event the lead time or estimated shipping date exceeds 5 days after the order date the following procedure has been created:

  •  If you are paying for the product by VISA card your card will be charged on the 5th day after the order is placed regardless of the shipment date. This rule is to comply with VISA requirements to charge all VISA cards not later than 7 days.
  • Alternatively, you may provide Amex or MC credit card, in this case, we are not required to charge a credit card before the order shipment.

The security of our customers' financial information is extremely important to us. All personal information is encrypted by secure server to ensure that any transaction placed with us is 100% safe. To learn more about safety & security measures that provide a safe shopping environment, please see our Safety & Security Policies.

    • PayPal

Orders placed using this payment method are verified by and follow the terms and conditions of PayPal. We require your shipping address to be confirmed by PayPal and your account to be verified by PayPal for all orders prior to shipping. We accept PayPal payment only if it is marked "eligible" for PayPal Seller protection on the transaction details page. We do not accept payments via PayPal.