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  • 4" LaserLight2 Remote Display

LaserLight2 Remote Display

  • Available with a 4-in or 6-in display
  • Six high-intensity red digits (double-row discrete LED)
  • Time and date displayed when scale is empty
  • Auto Learn mode of communication protocols
  • Hold displayed weight (demand input)
  • Software selectable standstill mode for no updates while in motion
  • Durable weathertight IP66 enclosure
  • Adjustable daylight/night intensity
  • Non-glare contrast filtered lens
  • Mirror (reverse image) function
  • RS-232, 20 mA and RS-485 communications
  • Auto sensing 115/230 VAC power supply
  • PEMs for VESA flat-wall mount or side-mounting flange
  • Polyethylene breather vent inhibits internal moisture buildup

4" LaserLight2 Remote Display

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