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Built with the physical demands of remote weighing in mind, the MAS-M livestock scale provides Legal for Trade measurements even when the scale is placed off-level by up to three degrees (or 6%). No other model brings as much flexibility to Rice Lake Livestock Scale performance.

The scale employs an independent air ride suspension which allows it to be moved in and out of weighing mode by simply adjusting the air pressure in the air bags. Load is applied to and or removed, from the cells through a manual lift/lower lever system.

Rice Lake's Onboard weighing design is ideally suited to the unpredictable conditions of multi-site use. The Mobile Group Animal Scale is capable of providing Legal-for-Trade weights in locations where the scale may be off-level by as much as four degrees. In addition to the scale’s ability to meet the physical demands of remote weighing, the instrumentation package that complements the scale provides a complete report for each batch and lot of cattle weighed.

When the scale is in weigh-mode the deck is only six inches off the ground. The low profile of the weighing platform makes loading and unloading livestock quick, easy and safe.

The Mobile Group Livestock Scale includes transport wheels, lift system, and folding hitch. Optional pen siding is available to enclose the bottom three feet of pen. Enclosing this area improves animal handling and safety. Optional brakes, lighting package, air pump and instrumentation are also available depending on your individual needs. Various sizes and capacities are available to meet your specific weighing requirements.

13 x 8 Mobile Scale System With Weigh Center And TM U295 Printer 15,000 lb Capacity AH8L-4

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